Rope Access

Faster, reasonable, safer, less limits for working in ropes! 


- assembly operations

- maintenance work

- inspection work

- repair work

- cleaning


and many more operations as agreed. 


Interested? Any questions? 

Tree care

Tree care is our main business, cutting trees down on areas with less space is our special business.  


- no big machines in your garden

- able to reach all areas in the trees


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Standby rescue

Standby rescue minimizes the time for rescueing with qualified and advanced technicians.  


- quick first aid and more

- safe rescue prcedures

- redundant rescue systems


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Climbing with kids

Climbing with kids in trees in a safe way with qualified and advanced tree climbers. 


But what about the the parents? Yes - we can climb with the small and the big kids!


No trees in your garden? No problem - we'll find one for you.


Hire us for:


- private parties

- business events

- events for organisations

- part of a big event


More options in consultation with the costumers. 


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Instruction how to use your PPE


Advanced instructors qualify you or your contributors how to use the PPE in the right way.


- How to wear your harness properly

- Correct helmet

- How to check your partner

- How to use carabiners

- How to use different kind of lanyards

- How to rescue your partner


and additionally the legal regulations and requirements for Germany.


Interested? Any questions?  

Coming soon

First Aid courses combined with rope access refresher or combined with PPE courses.